Adobe Animate for building banner ads

It’s official – Flash is dead! Banner ads now HTML5

We all new it was coming. Apple’s mobile products have never supported Flash animations for their banner ads and display networks like Google’s AdWords have been requiring designers to support specs that have been outdated for almost 5 years. We even keep an old laptop running specifically for Flash Ads.

Staff at AdWords have been talking about the change for months and, if you asked nicely, handing out snippets of information to help everyone prepare. Now in a recent update to the AdWords guidelines we see reference for Flash SWF files is removed and the following statement.

Starting 30 June 2016, you’ll no longer be able to upload display ads built in Flash. And, starting in January 2017, AdWords will stop running display ads in the Flash format.

Source: Update your Flash ads to HTML5 ads – AdWords Help

In answer Adobe has rebranded what was once a flagship product Flash Professional and released it as Animate CC which thankfully supports converting original Flash source files to the new HTML5 Ad format, admittedly not a smooth process but preferable to rebuilding animated banner ads from the ground up.

Source: Flash Professional is now Adobe Animate CC.

While we’re sad to see it go, Flash has been around now since the mid 1990’s and like many things – the world has moved on.