In early 2003 Showpage was approached to assist in the launch of an exciting new concept in digital photography – On Demand Printed Photo Albums.

The concept was revolutionary, end users could download an editing application to their local PC and produce a photo album or calendar using their own digital pictures and text and when it was completed upload the files to the MyPhotoFun servers where it would be processed, printed and delivered to their homes within 10 days.

After a year of research and planning the company was launched into Australia and New Zealand and quickly gained consumer interest.

Following a brief spot on the Morning Show in Melbourne application download figures spiked from an average of 15 copies a week to over 800 for the day. Downloads stayed high for a few days and eventually settled to around 70-80 per week. Not bad for 30 seconds of exposure in the breakfast time slot.

From the outset, Showpage was involved in all forms of marketing from print collateral, signage and stationary, through to website design and development, on line marketing, search engine optimisation and email campaigns.

Showpage also provided customer support services to the company establishing an online support centre to manage inquiries and a tracking system for common questions.

The business grow from a respectable 600 customers in the first 12 months to a staggering database of over 14,000 registered users across Australia and New Zealand in just 6 years.

Quite rightly the decision was made to close the business in 2009. Not because the business was failing. Quite the opposite, a new industry had developed and was growing rapidly attracting the interest of some very big corporate names like Fuji-Xerox, Canon and Apple Corporation. The competition was getting fierce and rather than succumb to price war tactics MyPhotoFun Australasia decided to bow out with dignity.

It was an exciting ride and Showpage was there from the beginning.