Family Assistance Office

During the Taxation Reformation of 2000 the Federal Government merged the responsibilities of some of the welfare departments to form the Family Assistance Office.

The resulting corporate branding and marketing exercise was undertaken by the North Sydney advertising agency Atkins & Atkins Advertising.

Informing the nation of the benefits bestowed upon it by their elected administration. The campaign included all the traditional media of TV, radio, press and print.

The Family Assistance Office also needed an Internet presence. The site needed to explain the changes in a friendly manner and facilitate the constantly changing flood of information as the process progressed.

For this undertaking Atkins & Atkins Advertising hired Showpage to design and develop the web site in consultation with IT firm Metropolis, who facilitated integration with the departments in house Lotus based publishing systems.

Working closely with the FAO team in Canberra and accommodating Ministerial announcements and an immovable deadline, the site was developed to comply with the Government Information Access Guidelines.

The published site successfully met the following key criteria:

  • Comply with all Federal Government Information Access Guidelines
  • Be fully compatible with legacy publishing systems
  • Feature an income calculator to determine eligibility for benefits
  • Provide information in 18 foreign languages
  • Contain a searchable database of all FAO office addresses.