Best Friends

In 1999 Frontline Below-The-Line, working on behalf of Johnson & Johnson, approached Showpage to assist them in creating an on-line presence for the Best Friends promotion they were managing. Aimed at teenage females the promotion was a competition to find Australia’s Best Friends for 2000.

The lucky couple would be lavished with gifts and would gain a glimpse at the life as a super model featuring in print and TV advertising for Johnson & Johnsons Clean & Clear product range.

The brief was to create a web site that would explain the competition, keep the girls informed about the competition throughout the year and provide a method of enrolling for the competition.

During the course of the year, the site underwent a number of transformations as the competition progressed. The initial rollout and competition entry followed by the closure of entries, then the announcement of competition finalists, and ultimately, the announcement of the winners.

Supported by advertising in Dolly magazine and in-store promotion, the site was well trafficked throughout the year and competition entries were at an all time high.

In subsequent years Frontline Below-The-Line commissioned Showpage to continue with the project. Each year involved a total redesign of the site and additional features like discussion boards, on-line games and extensive Flash content.

In 2001, a New Zealand sister site was built to parallel the competition in that country. The discussion board shows evidence of a number of friendships developed between girls from the two countries.

Previous campaigns had a face of there own.