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3 Steps to Grow Your Business Online

On page optimisation techniques

21-Nov-2012 Steven Lloyd
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) can be broken down into two broad areas. Off Page and On Page. Off page optimisation basically concerns itself with links back to your site, where they came from and how they are established. On Page optimisation covers the things you can do to the pages in your web site to make them easier for search engines to read them and evaluate them as being a credible and important resource.

Why blogging is important for the Search Engines

21-Nov-2012 Steven Lloyd
Search engine optimization (SEO) is what drives the bots from the search engines to your blog and/or your web site. SEO is the tool that gets, and keeps, the bots checking out your blog every few days to see what is new.

Why is a keyword strategy important

21-Nov-2012 Steven Lloyd
Developing a strong strategy around your keywords is important as it will underpin everything you do during the management of your online marketing campaign. You will refer back to your list of keywords many times to get ideas and inspiration.